Fitness, Healthy eating

Up and running

Figuratively, that is.

It’s a resolution cliche for the tech-savvy: Start a blog with the start of a new year. And I’ve fallen victim to it. But I see this more as a continuation of the blog I started on the job. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

So I’m giving this thing a good-faith effort on my own now, the purpose being to share my highs and lows (on the scale and in life).

It won’t be all about SlimFast and side stretches, I promise. “Losing It” can, and more than likely will, be about my mental state as well. Hey, honesty in advertising. I prefer you know what you’re getting into if you put this on your blogroll.

But it won’t be all navel-gazing. I hope to offer up tips, humor, recipes, you know, useful things.

Today’s news: Not one, but two people told me I look thin(ner) today. (Note to self: Must wear these pants more often)

On my plate: Apple, apple crisps, soup and crackers, Kettle Korn. Water. White bean chili later, if I get around to making it.

Weakness: Chocolate. And lots of it. Haven’t touched any today, but it’s only a matter of time before I give in to the evil urges.

Up and at ’em: Wii Fit is calling my name. Ella will be disappointed, and I feel a twinge of guilt for not walking her as often as I should.

Brain candy: Reading Confederacy of Dunces. Various blogs and news sites. Planning for the inauguration.

Listening to: Band of Horses

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